About Us

Who We Are

Iqon is an integrated shell eggs and Pasteurized liquid egg products company, with expertise in production and distribution. On the production side, we manufacture liquid egg products under our own brand, Farmer’s Select, which are integral to the creation of various final products in the food industry. On the shell eggs side, in addition to our own brands, we also handle the distribution of several private label brands for our principals.

All of our company’s offerings are supplied to major retail and service industry clients such as hotels, restaurants, bakeries, supermarkets, and grocery stores. Our well-developed sales and distribution network is our primary advantage to maintaining product freshness and a prompt supply line.

At Iqon, we aim to ensure economic and operational efficiency while maintaining compliance with internationally recognized food safety and quality standards.. We are certified by both ISO:22000 – 2018 HACCP standards. Locally, all of our activities complies with the Dubai Municipality’s regulations and approvals. Iqon is also part of the Foodwatch platform, developed by the Food Safety Department of Dubai Municipality.

As a responsible business in today’s world, sustainability plays an important role in the recipe for Iqon’s success. Our aim is to reconcile economic value with ecological impact through environmentally friendly production conditions as well as recycling efforts throughout all stages of production and distribution.

Our Mission

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Our Vision

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Our Values

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Why Us ?

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